Walvis Pupkewitz Mega Build robbers still at large

Tujoromajo Kasuto

THE Erongo Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, says five unidentified male suspects in the Southern Cross Security guards robbery of cash estimated at N$ 943 616.84 and other various items estimated at about N$ 24 000, are still on the run.

Whether the police have been able to trace the suspects through a cell phone that belonged to one of the suspects that was left behind at the scene, Iikuyu would not say anything yet as police investigations are still on.

According to police reports the robbery took place at Pupkewitz Mega Build in Walvis Bay on Saturday, 25 September. Two of the unknown male suspects were armed with firearms and allegedly attacked Southern Cross Security Guards while they were busy loading the cash box they had taken from the business.

It is alleged that the driver was pointed with a firearm while other suspects attacked and took two firearms from other security guards, one cellphone as well as the cash boxes in their possession.

The cash boxes, which were picked up from seven other different shops. The suspects drove-off in a getaway white Volkswagen Polo with tinted windows and an unknown registration number.

Items stolen include the following: N$ 943 616.84, N$28 000 which was recovered in the transit vehicle. Two pistols both valued at NS10 000.00 were also stolen with Samsung A 10 cellphone valued N$ 4 000.00 and Nissan NP 300 keys.

Only last week a G4S security guard was arrested after he allegedly disappeared with a cash box containing N$300 000. Ricardo Oxurub was reportedly found and arrested in the Democratic Resettlement Community(DRC) of Swakopmund this Friday after he was left behind in the cash-in-transit vehicle with one cash box containing the money and disappeared with it while the other security guards went to load the Ocean View ATM.


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