Namibian Runners Gear Up for Ultimate Race: The Comrades Marathon

Namibia’s running community is abuzz with anticipation as athletes prepare themselves for the grueling challenge of the Comrades Marathon, scheduled for June. Among the seasoned veterans and rising stars gearing up for this ultimate test of endurance are familiar names like Frans Amakali, Bolla Akwenye, Joel Talbot, Risa Drayer Kirsty, Joey Shehama, and Andre Ross.
Joining them on the starting line are novices Fernando Mandumbwa and Klasi Heerlen, eager to make their mark in this prestigious event.

One standout contender making waves in the running scene is Bolla Akwenye, whose Comrades journey commenced in 2023 as a novice.
Despite his newcomer status, Akwenye showcased exceptional talent, completing the daunting 87-kilometer race in a remarkable 8 hours and 29 minutes. Now, armed with experience and determination, Akwenye is focused on elevating his performance even further.

In a recent interview, Akwenye shared insights into his preparation regimen, emphasizing the importance of a supportive team and strategic training approach.
“We made use of local races like the Rossing Uranium marathon and Batman in Swakop as training grounds and qualifiers for upcoming ultra marathons, including the Two Oceans and Comrades,” Akwenye revealed.
With the Two Oceans ultra marathon in Cape Town looming on April 12th, Akwenye and his fellow runners are using short, easy runs to preserve their bodies for the monumental challenge ahead.

“As we approach the Two Oceans, we are well-prepared and focused on achieving our personal best times,” Akwenye affirmed, echoing the sentiment shared by his fellow athletes.
With dedication, perseverance, and a collective drive for excellence, Namibia’s contingent of runners is poised to make their mark on the upcoming races, setting their sights on triumphs both personal and collective.
As the countdown to the Comrades Marathon begins, all eyes are on these athletes as they prepare to test their limits and etch their names into the annals of running history.

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