Namibian students results already emailed to SA universities…Steenkamp says UCT rejection not a result of exam leaks

Eba Kandovazu

THE Executive Director of Education, Sanet Steenkamp says the results of learners who re-wrote examinations as a result of the examination question papers leak have already been emailed to South African universities.

Steenkamp explained that students who provided the Ministry with their candidate numbers had their results sent to South African universities.

However, the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Cape Town today said it had withdrawn the applications of Namibian students into the faculty because classes would have already commenced at the time of the release of the examination results of the applicants.

The faculty Dean, Suki Goodman stressed that they would not be accommodating individual requests.

Steenkamp said this particular faculty at UCT not accepting Namibian students is not because of the leaking of the exam papers, but its own peculiar situation with Covid-19 and the effect it had on their own learning, particularly the changes in exam dates.

Steenkamp also said that students who wish to receive their results tomorrow can do so by approaching the Ministry. This is despite the ministry’s announcement that results will officially be announced on Wednesday.

Steenkamp elaborated that this year, “it will be different”.

“All due consultations took place. We have liaised with the Southern Africa Association of universities and the minister also signed off a letter a few days ago to the ministry of higher education in terms of the late registration of students into institutions of higher education in South Africa due to the release of 2021 NSSCO and NSSCAS results. Equally, we have made provision for all learners who approach the Ministry to already as from tomorrow have access to their results.

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