Namibians urged to support local products

Martin Endjala

Namibians have been urged to buy local products to stimulate the domestic economy of the country which is in dire need of revival and only by buying local products will it be rescued.

The Founder of SureFire Marketing Solutions, Lazarus Hishekwa said they saw the need to not only promote local products but also to bring interaction between the product and the consumers.

He says he believes that the better people are acquainted with a product, there more they are likely to buy it.

Hishekwa spoke to the Windhoek Observer yesterday about the upcoming event in July, that with see the company feeding orphanages with the Pasta Polana Noodles to promote a culture of buying local products.

Hishekwa says the initiative includes educating people on the product and how best it can serve them given the high prices of some food.

SureFire Marketing Solutions has been in existence since 2018 and has entered a partnership with Namibia’s local powerhouse, NamibMills.

During the recent university examination that took place this winter, Surefire Marketing Solutions took to the local universities (UNAM, IUM, NUST and Triumphant College) and offered Pasta Polana Instant noodles to the students either before or after their examination.

In this way, the company says that it ensured that students who sometimes spend long hours at school because of examinations at least get something for the day. At the same time, introduce them to NamibMills new and affordable noodles.

The initiative stems from the fact that students consume mostly noodles and the feeding initiative also enables them to know the different flavours and how much to buy to suit their appetite.

This winter, the company will be extending this initiative to schools as well, since they are the most consumers of the product.

Hishekwa says that the product is one that they are very proud of and willing to promote throughout the country.

He is, therefore, urging Namibians to adopt the culture of buying locally made products, Pasta Polana Instant Noodles in this case.

So far the company has received good feedback, with some consumers describing the locally-made noodles as one of the best compared to other internationally-produced Noodles.

Meanwhile, although it’s a marketing company, the feed initiative is one that they are proud of because it symbolises their social responsibility to the livelihood of society, thus lauding Namib Mills for coming on board to sponsor them and the logistics.

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