Namibia’s mining sector lacks links to local industries – NCCI

Martin Endjala

Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), says at present, Namibia’s natural resource industries such as the mining sector have a very low number of links to local industries.

“For example, the just-ended Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5) acknowledged this challenge and further provided for deliberate interventions to deepen local industry participation along the mining sector supply chains”.

These were the sentiments expressed by NCCI President, Bisey Uirab on Tuesday at the Namibia Local Content Conference (NLCC) of the Oil and Gas industry held in Lüderitz.

He said the conference is held against the background of the emerging oil and gas industry, following recent oil discoveries and ongoing exploration activities in the region.

He said among the interventions envisioned under NDP5, was to increase local content inputs to the N$14 billion annual inputs requirement of the mining sector.

“At present much of the physical goods, services and input requirements of the industry are sourced from outside the country. It is a situation that requires concerted efforts to address,” Uirab said.

He added that the discovery of natural resources in the country will present a window of enormous economic growth and development opportunities.

He highlighted that the conference themed, “Empowering Namibia’s Energy Ambitions by Connecting Industry and Indigenous Talent”, is timely for both the public and private sector players to get ready to utilise the opportunities that will emerge from the exploitation of the petroleum natural resources.

He said the conference represents a crucial moment for the nation’s energy sector and he stressed the critical role that collaboration and partnership can play in driving sustainable development and growth for Local Content Development.

“One of the primary roles of the NCCI is to advocate and champion interventions that foster an environment conducive to business growth and development. We believe that by promoting local content in the energy sector, we can create opportunities for Namibian businesses to thrive, contribute to job creation, and stimulate economic growth,” Uirab said.

Uirab explained that the aim is to ensure that Namibian companies have the necessary support and resources to participate meaningfully in the energy value chain.

He stated that the NCCI serves as a bridge between the public and private sectors in facilitating dialogue and collaboration to address common challenges and pursue shared objectives.

The NCCI President is adamant that the institution remains committed to promoting sustainability and responsible business practices.

Uirab believes that by prioritising local content development, Namibia can build a more resilient and inclusive economy that benefits all Namibians, by working with government, industry partners and civil society, to ensure that the energy sector contributes to the nation’s long-term prosperity and well-being.

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