NamPol joins the world in celebrating a century of InterPol

Stefanus Nashama

Namibia, through the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) yesterday joined the world in celebrating 100 years of creating global safety by being part of Interpol.

According to InterPol’s Executive Committee Delegate for Africa, Major General Anne-Marie Nainda, the international police organisation is the golden thread fit for the purpose of international cooperation to fight all kinds of crime.

Major General Nainda, who is the Deputy Inspector General of the Namibian Police responsible for administration indicated that Namibia as a member state has joined the world in celebrating 100 years of InterPol’s existence under the theme “Interpol 100 years through the eyes of Namibia”.

Nainda acknowledged the contribution made by men and women in uniform, saying their efforts in fighting crime are a true definition of global safety.

She says Namibia is among 195 members of Interpol and has been fully participating in the fight against global crimes.

She also noted that the country’s contributions to Interpol are done through the office of the National Central Bureau.

“As Namibia’s cooperation stands with Interpol, we have been doing well in terms of combating crimes since Namibia joined in 1992, shortly after independence,” she noted.

She urged police officers to remain committed to the fight against crimes, investigate offences and protect the lives and property in the country.

At the same time, she strongly encouraged police officers to maintain respect for Namibian law, and the Police Code of Conduct and to fully exercise professionalism at all times.

Nainda added that Namibia will continue with the preservation of both internal and international security.

She indicated that the world is celebrating the day under the theme “Women in Policing’ and said that the theme aims to empower and motivate women to help improve relations between the police and the community they serve.

“I feel so happy for women in uniform. They are equally committed to making the world a safer place,” she said.

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