Namport and Africa Global Logistics forge partnership to enhance Port of Walvis Bay

Niël Terblanché

The Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) has signed a landmark agreement with Africa Global Logistics (AGL) to oversee the operations of the bulk terminal in the strategic Port of Walvis Bay.

This long-anticipated partnership formalized on 20 March 2024, announces a new era of trade facilitation and economic growth for Namibia and the broader Southern African Development Community (SADC).

During the signing ceremony in Walvis Bay, Namport’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Kanime and AGL Regional Director for South Africa, Tony Stenning, stressed the transformative potential of this alliance.

AGL is renowned for its global reach and innovative logistics solutions.

“The partnership is set to leverage the Port of Walvis Bay’s prime geographic location to enhance connectivity across Southern Africa, Europe, Asia, and America,” Kanime said.

In a statement released by AGL, the logistics giant detailed its ambitious plans to develop the trade corridors converging at Walvis Bay.

By deploying cutting-edge maritime, port, and logistics technologies, AGL aims to streamline access to the SADC region and spearhead infrastructure upgrades to fuel economic advancement.

With a presence in 49 countries and a versatile portfolio that includes 23 ports, 66 dry ports, and two river terminals, AGL brings a wealth of expertise and resources to this venture.

AGL’s commitment extends beyond logistics and infrastructure development to encompass support for Namibia’s key sectors such as energy, mining, and industry.

Through integrated services that adhere to the highest international standards, this collaboration is expected to reinforce Namibia’s stature in global trade and stimulate regional economic momentum.

Olivier de Noray, AGL’s Director of Ports and Terminals, expressed gratitude for the trust vested by Namibian authorities in AGL.

He shared a vision of transforming the Port of Walvis Bay into a beacon of international connectivity, sustainable development, and economic prosperity.

“This endeavour aims to position the port as a pivotal hub for global commerce, benefiting not just Namibia but the entire African continent,” De Noray said.

He added that the partnership between Namport and AGL promises to unlock numerous opportunities for local enterprises and communities by fostering job creation, spurring innovation, and championing sustainable practices.

With AGL at the helm, the Port of Walvis Bay is set to become a linchpin in the global trading network, driving the nation and its neighbours towards a prosperous future.

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