Nampower disregarded cabinetdirectives to delay the cutting of power

Martin Endjala

The Namibia Power Corporation (Nampower), has disregarded a Cabinets directive to delay disconnecting of power from defaulters.

Nampower were called to a meeting to explain why they went ahead to cut off the electricity of the localities in the South on Monday.

The Minister of Finance and Public Enterprise Iipmbu Shiimi during the resumption of the parliament sessions yesterday said: “Unfortunately despite cabinet directives, Nampower went ahead. We have now asked for a report on how much is owed and who has paid, and who has not aided in terms of these localities. We have not yet received that report yet,” said Shiimi.

Shiimi told the chamber that Nampower did approach his Ministry concerning the N$1.5 billion owed to it by localities and Municipalities, but this matter was then handed over to the cabinet for further debate.

The cabinet resolved last week to direct Nampower to delay their plans to switch off the lights, while the matter is still being resolved.

Meanwhile, the Landless People’s Movement Deputy Leader Henny Seibeb has called for repercussions towards Nampower for defying the cabinet decision.

“Nampower has been doing whatever they feel like, they must be held accountable so that they can stop doing this injustice,” fumed the MP.

Furthermore, the Popular Democratic Movement’s Elma Dienda said that the debts accumulated by these localities are not that they are not being paid off residents in these localities have been paying it off every month but the Utility opted to cut off power.

A move that she described as inhuman and demands that Namower stop its plans and rather reconsider these measures to permit localities to pay up their debts in due course and not by pressurizing the already struggling people.

Meanwhile, Shiimi reiterated the call for repercussions to be constituted on Nampower saying that there won’t be any accountability for now, however, these abnormalities will be clarified during the meeting with Nampower.

He further reassured the public that this week there won’t be any power discrepancy in all localities. He further urged the localities who are in the position to make arrangements and settle their accounts to do so.

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