NAMPU wants training for journalists in oil and gas industry reporting

Stefanus Nashama

Joining the world in commemorating World Press Freedom Day, the Namibia Media Professionals Union (NAMPU) demands that journalists must be equipped with the skills and knowledge to cover the complexities in the oil and gas sector.

This is according to a statement issued by NAMPU’s acting secretary-general, Jemima Beukes, on Thursday.

“The oil and gas industry is characterised by intricate legal frameworks, technical terminology, and opaque practices, presenting unique challenges for journalists. To address this gap, NAMPU calls upon newsrooms to prioritise the specialisation of reporters in the oil and gas sector and invest in specialised training and resources to enhance the quality and depth of their coverage,” she said.

The 2024 day is commemorated under the theme “A Press for the Planet: Protecting Journalists and Scientists in Defence of the Environment,”

While looking at the oil and gas sectors, the union reflects on other challenges and opportunities journalists worldwide face in pursuing truth.

Beukes said this includes a culture of continual learning and professional development which is necessary for newsrooms to provide journalists with ongoing training and resources.

“The absence of a registered trade union can leave journalists susceptible to the influence of powerful conglomerates with financial resources, which can pose a threat to their independence and integrity”, she added.

Beukes stated that the union believes collaborative efforts between newsrooms, industry experts, and civil society organisations can provide journalists with insights and resources to support their reporting efforts.

“As Namibia navigates the challenges and opportunities presented by the oil and gas industry, NAMPU stands ready to support journalists in their crucial role as informers and watchdogs of society,” she stressed.

Although NAMPU has not yet been registered as a union representing journalists, reporters, and practitioners in the media industry, Beukes emphasised that the organisation remains committed to promoting excellence in journalism and advocating for the rights and professional development of journalists.

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