NamRa recognises taxpayers and traders

Stefanus Nashama

The Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRa) held the second taxpayer and trader awards, honouring individuals, and institutions from the public and private sectors for their commitment in paying tax revenue.
The appreciation event took place at Droombos on 19 April, where De Beers Marine Namibia (Pty) was awarded five accolades for being the highest revenue contributor while Anheuser Bush Inbev Namibia Breweries (Pty) Ltd. took the second place. De Beers Marine Namibia (PTY) and Anheuser Bush InbevNamibia Breweries (PTY) Ltd also received tokens of appreciation of N$20,000 each, to give to any charities of their choice.

According to a current NamRa report presented at the event, the agency has exceeded its revenue collection target with N$4 billion for the 2022/23 financial year. NamRa was established about two years ago, to collect tax revenue for the government.

According to Idi Itope, the Head of Domestic Taxes at NamRA, last year, the state revenue collector was required to collect N$53 billion but they exceeded the target to collect a total of N$57 billion.

“We are appreciating you the taxpayers and traders for your voluntary compliance. We administer tax laws in the country. We were given a particular target to collect for the year, that target was N$53 billion and it is because of you that we exceeded our target and collected N$57 billion in tax revenue,” he said.

Itope further said in the financial year 2023/24, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is projected to grow by N$215 billion, and NamRA is anticipated to collect N$68 billion. This is in comparison with the record of N$187.2 billion GDP presented in the budget tabled in Parliament by the Minister of Finance, Iipumbu Shiimi February this year.

“As we move forward, the GDP estimates grow and we are expected to collect more,” he added.

Itope stressed ‘voluntary compliance’ adding that taxpayers and traders committed to tax revenue will bring about the economic growth of the country.

Speaking at the event, NamRa’s Chairperson of the Board, Anna Nakale-Kawana, said the Namibian government systems and progress go smoothly only when taxpayers and traders play a role in Tax Revenue Contribution. “It is because of their patriotism and discipline to build Namibia through the taxes they pay to the agency. As NamRA, we have taken this noble decision to say thank you to our clients because we believe it is the right thing to do,’ she appreciated.She emphasised that paying taxes to the government is the right thing to do, to award the agency’s key clients and inspire others to join the compliance bandwagon.

Nakale-Kawana called call upon taxpayers to take advantage of the rare opportunity that will put them in a position to be celebrated and awarded at prestigious occasions.

Meanwhile, NamRa Commissioner, Sam Shivute said paying taxes enables the Government to provide healthcare, expand education services and infrastructure, increase investments and grow the economy and many more Government welfare schemes. “We are not tax collectors as some call us. We are the servant of the people because what we do contributes to everyone’s life,” Shivite said.

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