NamRA seized goods after detecting transit irregularities

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

The Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA), has raised a red flag over a series of irregularities in transit procedures at checkpoints nationwide, with intercepted goods and vehicles declared at values far below their actual worth during a recent operation at the Windhoek-Okahandja checkpoint.

According to NamRa Chief of Strategic Communications and Support Engagements, Yarukeekuro Ndorokaze, items seized include a Range Rover Sport declared at a mere 1000 euros, a Mercedes Benz truck undervalued at 3750 euros, and an Iveco truck with a declared value of 2500 euros.

He said NamRA officials uncovered a disturbing trend of false declarations aimed at circumventing transit protocols. The total amount worth of the intercepted goods and vehicles is substantial, encompassing a range of items, including 56 bales of second-hand clothes declared at a paltry 100 euros and an incubator declared at 155 euros.

In total, the intercepted goods and vehicles amount to a staggering value when converted to Namibian dollars.

He said the Range Rover Sport alone, declared at 1000 euros, translates to approximately N$ 18 317. The undervalued Mercedes Benz truck, declared at 3750 euros, converts to around N$ 68 628.75, and the Iveco truck valued at 2500 euros, amounts to roughly N$ 45 752.50. The 56 bales of second-hand clothes, declared at 100 euros, equate to about N$ 1 831.70, while the incubator declared at 155 euros is valued at approximately N$ 2 834.25.

Ndorokaze said these incidents have prompted NamRA to express deep concern, emphasising the impact on revenue collection for the State.

“Consequently, the detained goods and vehicles will be forfeited to the State due to evident deliberate action to evade transit procedures, as stipulated in Section 97 of the Customs and Excise Act, 1998 (Act No. 20 of 1998).”

Ndorokaze further emphasised NamRA’s commitment to upholding the integrity of transit procedures and ensuring customs and excise compliance.

Moreover, he concluded by urging adherence to established customs regulations and encouraging the public to report any irregularities to the nearest NamRA office.

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