Nande and Walters Triumph in First Round of 2024 Nedbank for Good Series

Omeya Golf Club was the venue for the first round of the 2024 Nedbank for Good Series this past weekend. And it prived to be good hunting ground for Likius Nande and Cehesta Walters as they emerged as the champions in the inaugural round of the 2024 Nedbank for Good Series,

The event, aimed at raising funds for Agra ProVision, witnessed a total of 112 players, comprising 100 men and 12 women.

Nande secured victory in the men’s event with a remarkable 43 points, closely followed by Jean-Mark Mouton, who also scored 43 points, and Rudolf Meyer, finishing third with 42 points.

in the women’s division, Cehesta Walters demonstrated her advantage by claiming the top spot with 39 points. Ruanda de Beer secured the second position, while Doulaine Holtzhausen clinched the third spot with scores of 37 and 37 points, respectively.

Reflecting on her victory, Walters expressed her satisfaction with her performance, emphasizing the competitive nature of the tournament and the challenges posed by the scorching weather conditions. Despite the heat, Walters remained focused on executing her game plan, ultimately securing victory. She also revealed her intention to participate in more Nedbank for Good Series events throughout the year, with her sights set on coastal competitions.

Acknowledging the role of sponsors in promoting the sport and supporting charitable causes, Walters commended their efforts in the growth of golf in Namibia. She emphasized the importance of encouraging greater female participation in the Nedbank for Good Series, highlighting the diverse talent pool within the country.

Dan Zwiebel, the coordinator of the Nedbank for Good Series, expressed his satisfaction with the successful execution of the event, commending the participants for their enthusiasm in the face of challenging conditions. He extended his gratitude to the sponsors for their invaluable support, underscoring their role in ensuring the series’ success.

Selma Kaulinge, the Communication and Public Relations Manager of Nedbank Namibia, expressed her delight at the overwhelming response to the first round of the Nedbank for Good Series. She lauded the collective effort of participants, sponsors, and organizers in driving positive change and supporting the local agricultural sector.

The Nedbank for Good Series is set to continue its journey, with upcoming events scheduled in various locations across Namibia. with the next event in Gobabis on 6 April.

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