Nandi-Ndaitwah concerned about potential foreign interference in elections

Ester Mbathera

The vice president of the SWAPO Party, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, has voiced serious concerns about potential interference in Namibia’s upcoming Presidential and National Assembly elections.

She voiced her opinion at Swapo’s central committee meeting held in Windhoek on Thursday.

Her concerns follow the recent meeting between the European Union’s (EU) envoy, the German Embassy in Namibia and the Independent Patriot for Change’s (IPC) leader, Panduleni Itula.

“There is nothing wrong for a diplomat to meet leaders or members of opposition parties, but to discuss issues of state matters and to be directly involved in the internal politics is a highly questionable form of diplomacy. By extension, there may be a strategy to interfere in our

elections, because these actions have the smell of an element of regime change,” she said.

Nandi-Ndaitwah criticized the envoys’ actions, which included a statement suggesting that Itula was widely projected to be the country’s next president.

“What a diplomatic statement, particularly from a country with whom we still have a serious pending issue?” she asked.

She further criticised other political parties whom she believes may have hired foreign companies to run their campaigns, questioning if they do not trust Namibians to run their campaigns.

Nandi-Ndaitwah called for unity, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding Namibia’s independence and sovereignty.

“We will only be able to remain responsible to our country and its people if we are united against all detractors. It is the only way we can safeguard our independence and sovereignty and continue to be a relevant member of the international community,” she said.

On Wednesday the international relations and cooperation minister, Peya Mushelenga summoned the EU and the German Ambassador to his office.

He also raised concerns over discussions that touched upon matters exclusively within the purview of the Namibian government.

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