National Council Chairperson Embarks on Outreach visits to Regions

Martin Endjala

The Chairperson of the National Council has started a regional outreach programme to promote an inclusive legislative process in the regions of Otjozondjuba and Kavango East. The visits started in October last year in the Zambezi Region. Lukas Sinimbo Muha, has earmarked the two regions for the first round of regional engagements that will end on 27 February.

The initiative is part of the outreach program activities as set out in the council’s strategic plan to enhance public and key stakeholder participation in the legislative process.

The visits were announced by the National Council’s public relation officer, Momly Amushendje.

The public participation initiative will start with a courtesy call on the Governor of the Otjozondjupa Region James Uerikua.

During the visits, the chairperson will also engage traditional authorities, youth groups and community members.

Meanwhile, the Secretary to National Council advocate Tousy Namiseb informed the Windhoek Observer, that the National Council chairperson during his visit to the Office of the Otjozondjupua Governor James Uerikua was joined by the Otjozondjupua chairperson of the management committee of the Regional Council Marlyn Mbakera to discuss pressing issues relating to the development of the region as well as the prevalent road accidents that have been occurring in the region, Commenting on the accident on Sunday, Namiseb described it as horrific and extended his condolences to the bereaved families.

The meeting with the chairperson and the office of the governor also touched on the accident where they said that there is a need to address speeding and the congestion on the road between Otjiwarongo and Okahandja.

Namiseb said the meeting also looked at the possibility of upgrading the road to a dual carriage freeway that can stretch from Otavi to Okahandja, but concurred that this might be too expensive.

Other options than be considered in the short term, Namiseb said, are the marking of clear demarcation lines on the road and broadening the
road to a double lane on some parts for vehicles moving in the some direction to overtake without moving into the lane of oncoming traffic.

The chairperson thereafter proceeded to a school in Kalkfeld G.K. Wahl Combined School, where he sensitized pupils on the three legs of the

State namely the Executive, Judiciary and the Legislature and also outlining the NC’s distinctive functions which are to review work of the National Assembly (NA) in terms of bills passed.

The next stop over was at the Kalkfeld village council to understand the measures put in place to tackle any situation that might arise, given the geographical location of the village, in terms of emergencies and community’s response to service delivery and their awareness to approach other authorities in case they are not satisfied with services offered.

The outreach programme is also to create awareness, to review oversight roles of the NC and to engage key stakeholders in regions and to increase public understanding of the parliament to improve the perception of the public about the house of review.

Community members are encouraged to attend the meetings in order to participate in the law-making process.

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