Navachab Gold Mine boosts Nampol’s capacity with vehicle donation

Niël Terblanché

To enhance the fight against increasing instances of crime in Namibia, the Navachab Gold Mine in Karibib has generously donated vehicles valued at more than N$1 million to the Namibian Police.

The handover ceremony saw Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo, the Inspector General of Nampol, expressing profound gratitude to the Navachab Gold Mine for their support and patriotism.

“This donation from the QKR Namibia Navachab Gold Mine is a testament to their unwavering support for the safety and security of Namibians,” Shikongo remarked, acknowledging the crucial role of such partnerships in crime prevention and public safety efforts.

The donation comprises two Isuzu 1.9 Ddi Double Cab 4×4 vehicles, which will be deployed to the Karibib and Usakos Police Stations, respectively.

With a combined worth of N$1,236,422.10, these vehicles are set to enhance the operational capacity of the police force, particularly in the Erongo Region, promoting visibility and responsiveness in these communities.

General Shikongo stressed the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors in addressing the challenges facing Namibian communities.

He lauded Navachab Mine for setting a noble example of corporate responsibility and urged other organizations and citizens to follow suit.

He said the new vehicles of the Nampol fleet are more than just vehicles; they symbolize a collective commitment to ensuring a safer future for all Namibians.

“These vehicles will enhance the capacity of the police in maintaining law and order, protecting citizens, and combating crime across the country,” he said.

Since 2022, the mine according to General Shikongo, has been actively involved in repairing police vehicles for the Usakos and Karibib Police Stations, demonstrating a sustained commitment to community service and safety.

General Shikongo called for a renewed dedication to creating a safer, more just, and prosperous Namibia.

He expressed hope that the partnership will continue to thrive and that the donated vehicles will serve as instruments of peace, justice, and prosperity for generations.

General Shikongo reassured the management of Navachab Gold Mine of Nampol’s commitment to caring for and utilizing the vehicles for their intended purpose, further cementing the bond between the nation’s protectors and its benefactors in the quest for a safer Namibia.

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