Nawatiseb parts ways with LPM after only a month

Hertta-maria Amutenja

Former Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Engel Nawatiseb, has severed ties with the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) after joining the party a mere month ago. This decision comes on the heels of his departure from the ruling party Swapo last month. “I decided to part ways with the Landless People’s Party with immediate effect today. The resolve was taken following consultation with my family in the best interest of the LPM founding members, its leader Bernardus Swartbooi and further to protect my personal integrity, reputation and credibility as well as the image of my clan/elders. I will forthwith continue to serve the common interest of the Namibian house and my local community from the position of a born, indigenous Tsumeber,” stated Nawatiseb.

When questioned on why he made a U-turn on LPM so fast, Nawatiseb remained tight-lipped about internal party matters. “I can’t comment on what happened inside LPM! It will be unfair towards them,” he said. When asked about potential plans to return to Swapo in the future, Nawatiseb said he at no time filed a resignation letter. “I never filed any letter of resignation from Swapo; it’s up to them to take any decision in the best interest of that party. I am a leader of my clan, hence the consultation with them,” he stated. Last month LPM said Nawatiseb, expressed his confidence in LPM’s potential to bring about robust and unique change in Namibia. Nawatiseb, a seasoned political figure, had previously advocated for a new generation of leadership within Swapo nearly two years ago, emphasising the need for youthful and capable leaders. LPM Spokesperson, Lifalaza Simataa, commended Nawatiseb for joining the party and supporting the party’s vision of bringing much-needed change in the country.

“The Former Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology has expressed that there is an importance in supporting a party that is led by the youth. He believes that robust and unique change in Namibia can only occur when we support capable, young and ambitious leaders and that the LPM possess those characteristics,” said LPM’s national spokesperson, Lifalaza Simaata.

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