NBWPF embarks on nationwide roadshow

Martin Endjala

The Namibia Building Workers Pension Fund (NBWPF) has announced the commencement of its nationwide roadshow aimed at providing workers with essential information about good personal financial management practices.

The campaign started on Monday, 21 August 2023, and will continue until 4 September 2023.

The roadshow will cover all regions, including 19 towns and villages as part of its commitment to ensuring that all building and construction workers in Namibia have access to essential information that will help them with their pension fund and retirement planning.

The roadshow aims to reach out to as many employees in the building and construction sector, as possible, to provide them with the opportunity to learn more about retirement planning and more specifically about benefits and services offered by the institution.

According to the NBWPF’s Principal Officer, Enwich Kazondu, they regard the roadshow as a very important activity in the fund’s annual calendar.

“We want to achieve various objectives with these engagements; number one, it is important for people to have the necessary understanding to ensure that they are in a position to indeed have a comfortable retirement,” said Kazondu.

He noted that they further want to ensure that the workers in the construction sector are aware of their rights like all of them should be allowed to join any pension fund through their employers.

“As a result of a gazetted collective agreement in the country, it is mandatory that all workers in this sector are members and contribute towards a pension fund,” he said.

Kazondu explained that NBWPF is the umbrella fund for the building and construction industry, and the company understands the peculiarities of the sector.

“All villages and regions will be visited and ensure that no region is left out. This comprehensive approach demonstrates the NBWPF’s commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that all building workers, regardless of their location have access to the information and resources they need to secure their financial future,” he said.

He further added that during the roadshows, board trustees from the company will be present to answer questions, provide guidance and assist workers in understanding the importance of planning for their retirement.

The annual roadshow will also provide an opportunity to educate workers on good personal financial management practices which include efficient personal budgeting for respective households but also how to manage one’s debts.

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