NCE launches two new websites

Staff writer

On Friday 29 May, the Namibia Chamber of Environment will launch two Namibian Environmental websites: The Environmental Information Service (EIS) and Conservation Namibia.

Information about these sites will be spread widely via social media.

The EIS has been in the works for more than 15 years. It is now the most comprehensive single source of information on environmental issues in Namibia. The NCE announced a detailed revamp and modernisation of the EIS.

It has a new home page to quickly direct the public to different parts of the site, a new fast and easy search engine for the e-library, a new archaeology atlas in the citizen science section, a new wildlife crimes component and a new section on Environmental Impact Assessments advertised for public review.

The site will also link you to the Namibian Journal of Environment. The second website is Conservation Namibia. This is a new site is aimed at making conservation stories and information easily accessible to the general public. It carries all the articles in the annual Conservation and Environment in Namibia magazine.

The site also has a blog on environmental issues, environmental videos, and key popular environmental and conservation publications. The blog is available to all NCE Members and partners, to tell their conservation stories.

Each blog will appear under the author’s name and under the banner of the author’s organisation. This platform was developed to help you share your important conservation stories more widely.

For more information on the EIS please contact the NCE on e-mail:

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