Nedbank champions women’s empowerment in finance and society

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

In celebration of International Women’s Month, Nedbank Namibia has reaffirmed its commitment to gender diversity and inclusion, particularly within the banking and finance sector.

Under the theme of ‘inspiring inclusion’, the bank’s Executive for Human Capital, Bianca Muller, emphasised the importance of embracing women’s participation across all levels of society.

Muller highlighted the historical gender disparities within the banking sector, where women often face barriers to career advancement.

However, she noted a growing recognition of the benefits of gender diversity and inclusion, both for businesses and society as a whole. Stressing the importance of genuine commitment to gender equality, noting that insincere gestures are no longer tolerated in the era of cancel culture.

“The banking and finance sector has long been characterised by gender disparities, with women often being underrepresented in leadership roles and encountering barriers to career progression throughout the corporate hierarchy. Acknowledgement of the significance of gender diversity and inclusion within organisations, and how this change is driven by the realisation of its tangible benefits for businesses, economies, and societies at large,” said Muller.

Furthermore, she revealed, women constitute a significant majority of the workforce, with 64 percent representation. Moreover, women hold 56 percent of management positions, with 70 percent of them being black females.

Moreover, the bank also places a strong emphasis on female representation at the executive level.

In 2020, Martha Murorua, made history as the first female Managing Director of Nedbank Namibia, showcasing exemplary leadership during the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Currently, the bank’s board of directors proudly boasts 37.5 percent of female representation, surpassing the African average.

Muller emphasised the significant impact of women in decision-making roles, noting their advocacy for initiatives that enhance the lives of female employees. Beyond the company, Nedbank Namibia is dedicated to empowering women in marginalised communities through various initiatives, including donations of sanitary pads

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