NEFF, CDV and DPN remain deregistered

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN), says the deregistration of the three political parties remains unchanged.
The Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF), Christian Democratic Voice (CDV) and the Democratic Party of Namibia (DPN) will stay off the list.
According to a statement issued on Thursday evening, the situation remains unchanged despite a letter dated 25 June by Kadhila Amoomo on behalf of the NEFF where the legal practitioner gave the ECN until 27 June to provide clarity on its decision
The ECN informed the parties about the deregistration in a letter dated 17 June.
In response to the letter of demand, the ECN clarified that it gave all political parties ample time to comply and submit audited financial statements before set deadlines.
The deadlines were set for 31 March 2022, then eventually extended to 30 November 2023.
After non-compliance, the ECN issued another reminder of a 14-day extension on 25 April 2024 with the final deadline set for 10 May.
According to the ECN, the three parties failed to comply with Section 158 after which the commission invoked Section 152 and deregistered the parties.
With regard to the deadline of 30 June, the ECN stated that the cut-off date does not relate to records that should have been submitted on 10 May
The EC stated that the 30 June deadline is a reminder to political parties to submit records no later than three months after the end of their financial year end which ends in March.
Report: Martin Endjala

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