Negligence of government properties

National Council Standing Committee on Public Accounts and Economy reported that during a visit to a Biomass Project in the Otjozondhupa region, the Committee found the warehouse with animal feed, maize grains, and an animal feed crushing machine open. The security guard on the site indicated that the warehouse had not been locked in a long time.

A report released on Monday, conducted between 09 and 20 October 2023, indicates that Metal pipes were reported to be missing while some were lying outside in the open. Two more brand new animal feed crusher machines and more animal feed were found in a second warehouse whose doors were secured only with a piece of wire and not a padlock, thus risking the equipment to be stolen because the warehouse was not inside the fenced area of the biomass project.

“There was also no water on the site due to NIDA’s non-payment of water bills. The Security Officer who was found on the ground complained that he was not paid, and NIDA and the MIT officials could not tell who was responsible for paying the company contracted to guard the project.

By observation, the Committee could confirm that the project was abandoned and left with overgrown grass, making it difficult to walk around,” stressed Committee chairperson Peter Kazongominja.

Reporter: Erasmus Shalihaxwe

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