NEKA refutes division and alleged unlawful congress

Martin Endjala

The Namibian Exile Kids Association (NEKA), has refuted allegations that it held a non-constitutional congress and that there was tension between some of the delegates.

The association’s secretary general, Elizabeth Shimwafeni, in a media statement issued on Monday, refuted this after the association’s congress last month.

Shimwafeni also dismissed allegations of division within the association.

“If anything, NEKA protected the democratic principles on which this country was established. As heirs to the Namibian revolution, this was a test on how ready we are to protect and guide the same democracy for which so many perished and crossed rivers of blood,” she said.

The division allegation, according to Shimwafeni, stems from the fact that there are two organisations representing those who were born outside the country during the liberation struggle.

The organisations are NEKA and the other is the Children of the Liberation Struggle.

Shimwafeni highlighted that NEKA adheres to the principles of good governance and is guided by the rule of law, its constitution and democratic centralism.

She added that Namibia has adopted governance as a form of rule, and therefore, NEKA is no exception in adhering to democratic principles.

She stated that former NEKA president Rauna Amutati was absent from the organisation which hindered its progress.

On Saturday NEKA held its central committee meeting in Windhoek where they discussed and endorsed the congress report as well as to elect the national executive committee and secretariat.

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