New community facility to ensure dignified lives for Etoshapoort residents

Niël Terblanché

Robust processes, systems and institutions need to be created to buttress efforts to battle abject poverty, inequality and corruption to usher in a new era of prosperity for all in the wake of the establishment of Green Hydrogen projects and the discovery of viable oil resources off the Namibian coast.

President Hage Geingob during the official inauguration of a new Community Legacy Centre in the Etoshapoort suburb of Outjo over the weekend said all the attention of Namibians has been focused on an all-out war on poverty.

“As we continue with our national developmental initiatives, our attention has turned towards ushering in an era of prosperity in Namibia. In order to buttress these efforts, we have ensured that we put in place robust processes, systems and institutions to firm up the foundation of our governance architecture,” the President said.

Geingob said that he has always held the belief that development must be people-centred. The Head of State lauded the Regional Council and the Municipality of Outjo for their efforts to bring a people-centred facility that will enhance future development to Etsohapoort.

“By listening to the needs of the people, you have delivered a facility that will make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life of the residents here in the Etoshapoort area,” the President said.

Geingob was of the opinion that the government should cater for those whose abilities allow them access to goods, capital and services as well as the less fortunate, who do not have the same opportunities to access goods, capital and services so that all the citizens of our country can live a dignified and respectful life.

“While we have an obligation to create within Namibia, a conducive environment for business and investment-related activities, we also have an equally important task of ensuring that the needs of the most vulnerable members of our society are taken care of,” he said.

Geingob added that the new Community Legacy Centre will provide various needs such as municipal services, a library, clinic, ablution facilities, policing and other urgent services required by residents who usually do not have access to these services.

He commended all stakeholders who participated in the conceptualization, development and finalization of the project.

“By pulling in one direction, you have ensured that the noble goal of helping those in need has resulted in the Community Legacy Centre.

We celebrate not only the creation of this valuable facility for the residents of Etashapoort but also the power of the Harambee spirit which drove this important initiative to its successful and inspiring conclusion,” he said.

The President said that Namibians must go forward in the great spirit of holding hands and forging allegiances for the purpose of advancing the development of Namibia.

“One mission, one project, one initiative at a time, for the benefit of our current and future generations,” he said.

Geingob said that although Namibians enjoyed peace and harmony for more than three decades, the government is aware that people require more than these conditions to live a dignified life.

“People need food, shelter, clothing and access to basic necessities such as water, electricity, schools and medical care. The need for these critical necessities is what gave birth to the new Community Legacy Centre in Etoshapoort,” he added.

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