New police station costs N$71 million

Stefanus Nashama

The Namibian Police have spent over N$71 million on the construction of a new police station in Onkumbula in the Oshikoto Region.

Speaking at the official opening of the Onkumbula police station on Monday, the Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force, Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo, said the construction work of the station was finalized at the cost of over N$71 million.

Shikongo yesterday told the Windhoek Observer that the funds were provided by the central government through the budget allocated to the Namibian Police.

The police chief said many projects in the Oshikoto Region to build new police stations were completed. The projects included a new police station at King Nehale at a cost of N$3,8 million.

In total, Shikongo said the government has spent N$337 million on the construction of new police stations in the region.

According to the general, the construction work of the Onkumbula police station started in 2016 and was only finalized this year.

He said the construction work was delayed because the first contractors did not complete the work on time.

“Once the tender is advertised through the requirements and processes of the Procurement Act, the Ministry of Works and Transport invites contractors for bidding. After bidding, the contractor that won the tender is allowed to do the construction work.

If the contractor fails to do the work, we, the Namibian Police, go back to the Ministry of Works and Transport and they give us another contractor that can complete the work on time. This is what delays the completion of this police station,” he said.

Shikongo said that the Namibian Police also acquired two four-wheel drive vehicles to be used at the Onkumbula police station to fight crimes and provide services.

He mentioned that currently, there are 13 police officers at the Onkumbula police station.

Shikongo explained that like any other police station, the Onkumbula police station was built for members of the force to provide necessary services to the people and fight crimes in the community.

“I urged police officers to fight crimes, attend to community reports, and provide all the required police services to the people 24/7. The Onkumbula police station is a government building, therefore, I urge members of the public and police officers who are there to use the facilities carefully,” Shikongo said.

He stated the Namibian Police and the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security are opening new police stations, and launching projects to build more police stations in the country.

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