New substation project set to power economic growth

Niël Terblanché

In a significant development for the energy infrastructure of Namibia’s coastal region, NamPower’s Managing Director, Kahenge Haulofu, announced the construction of a state-of-the-art indoor substation with a capacity of 132/66/33kV.

This essential project is set to be located just outside Swakopmund.

The introduction of this new substation is poised to be a game-changer, bolstering the bulk electricity supply to towns and industry along the coast

It’s a crucial step to meet the escalating electricity demands, driven by the rapid socio-economic growth in the Erongo region.

“The Sekelduin substation holds a prominent place among several vital transmission capital projects outlined in Namibia’s power utility, NamPower’s Transmission Master Plan,” he said.

Haulofu said that this substation initiative is part of the ongoing efforts to upgrade NamPower’s bulk electricity supply to ErongoRed, enabling the utility to meet both current and future electricity demands effectively.

Among the key roles envisaged for the substation, it will serve as a critical supply point for NamWater Swakopmund South, facilitating a water reticulation scheme to support the Chinese-owned Husab mine.

Furthermore, it will provide a 66kV supply to the Swakopmund and Tamariskia substations, along with the Erongo-RED 33kV reticulation circuit.

What sets this substation apart is its incorporation of cutting-edge Mixed Technology Switchgear (MTS) technology and substation philosophy, marking a significant milestone for NamPower.

With a price tag exceeding N$100 million, this ambitious project is slated for completion by Actom Energy Namibia by February 2025.

This forward-looking endeavour not only signifies a substantial investment in the region’s energy infrastructure but also sets the stage for sustained growth and development in the coastal area.

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