NFA withdraws Brave Warriors official attire amid political controversy

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

The Namibia Football Association (NFA) has decided to withdraw the official attire of the Namibia National Senior Men’s Football Team, the Brave Warriors, from the upcoming 2023 Total Energies AFCON.

This decision comes in the wake of a public outcry over the team’s recent appearance in casual gear that raised concerns of political undertones.

The NFA, in collaboration with the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC), in a joint statement reveals that they are seeking clarity on the attire worn by the Brave Warriors, which gained significant attention on social media platforms this week.

“The NSC and NFA understand the public outcry and have, as a result, instructed the technical team to immediately withdraw the official attire from being worn by the Brave Warriors,” stated Cassius Moetie, NFA Marketing and Communications Manager.

He went on to say that the traditional national tracksuit and blazer will be worn during the main fixtures of the 2023 AFCON as a symbol of unity under the brand promise.

However, the withdrawal of the official attire follows a statement from the Official Opposition Leader, McHenry Venaani, who expressed his concern over what he perceived as the politicisation of Namibia’s national football team.

Venaani criticized the alleged use of colours resembling the ruling party’s insignia, labelling it as “cheap and folly.”

“The political desperation of the ruling party is unfathomable. Putting Swapo colours on the national team is cheap and folly. Minister of Sports must immediately resign. Sports must unite us, not divide us. Those shirts must be changed,” demanded Venaani earlier this week.

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