NFPCT launch pilot project to enhance product distribution

Niël Terblanché

The Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFPCT) has taken another step towards increasing local fish distribution with the introduction of its Distribution Agency Pilot Project.

The project was recently launched in Walvis Bay, marking a milestone with the appointment of thirteen new distribution agents through a signing ceremony.

Suzan Ndjaleka, the NFPCT board chairperson highlighted the growing demand for fish in the country, attributed to the rise in population, which now stands at 3 million according to the 2023 Housing and Population Census.

“The increasing need for fish is evident and through this project, we aim to collaborate with local stakeholders to enhance fish consumption across Namibia,” Ndjaleka said at the event.

The appointment of the new agents came after a rigorous process of training, evaluation, and selection, culminating in June of the previous year.

The selected agents, including companies like Nambanza Investments, Star Trading, and Crystal Opuwo Media, among others, are now tasked with fostering the trust’s mission of promoting fish consumption and ensuring a regular supply of fish to communities throughout Namibia.

The trust currently operates 18 shops in 17 towns across all 14 regions of Namibia, further supported by two takeaways in Swakopmund and Ondangwa.

These outlets not only serve as retail distribution points but also aim to provide high-quality and affordable frozen fish and fish products at a regional level.

According to Ndjaleka, the pilot phase pilot is set to last six months, after which the trust will evaluate the financial viability and performance of the distribution agents.

“This assessment will be crucial in determining the full implementation of the project and understanding the kind of support needed for these small businesses to thrive,” she said.

She added that by acting as a wholesale distributor to these agents, the trust ensures that affordable fish is accessible for resale to retailers, especially in smaller towns which will expand the NFCPT’s reach and impact in promoting fish consumption throughout Namibia.

Abisai Konstantinus from Nambanza Investments expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve the community while also fostering economic growth.

“It’s an honour to carry the trust’s brand and contribute to the noble cause of promoting fish consumption, which will also create jobs and teach us invaluable business skills,” Konstantinus said.

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