Ngaringombe advocates for closer ties between government and churches

Stefanus Nashama

While recognising the role of churches during the liberation struggle of Namibia, the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM)’s Secretary-General, Manuel Ngaringombe, says such a positive role is not observed in an independent and democratic Namibia.

“Churches put pressure on the oppressors and strongly spoke out against the atrocities committed in the name of the immoral, unwanted and illegitimate apartheid regime. However, the effort and the positive role Churches are supposed to play in an independent and democratic Namibia are not observed,” he stated.

According to Ngaringombe, in the past, churches in the country have positively contributed to the development of social structures of the Namibian population.

Apart from spreading the Gospel of God, churches have been successful in uplifting various local communities in the country, he added.

“This is the role we expect the churches to take on this year,” the politician anticipated.

At the same time, Ngaringombe emphasised the relationship between churches and the government, saying there is no strong bond between the two institutions.

This, he believes, undermines the important role that churches are supposed to play in the socio-economic development of the country.

He also expressed the country experiences high rates of Gender-Based violence, rape, criminalities, and other societal evils that encourage moral decay in the Namibian communities.

While expressing concerns about immoral acts, Ngaringombe reiterated that such acts could be avoided if the government built strong relationships with churches.

“It is therefore important for the Government and the Churches to work together in complementing efforts to address such social issues of concern,” he encouraged.

Ngaringombe, for his notable concern, strongly urged the government to render support to all recognised churches in the country.

This, he said, will meet them halfway in fulfilling their spiritual, moral, and social obligations in Namibia.

Equally, he encourages the government to provide affordable land to credible registered churches.

“A collaboration between churches and the government will ensure combined efforts and hence result in community development,” stressed Ngaringombe.

He called on all churches to refrain from exploiting people through devious means of deceit and false spiritual guidance and advised people to be alert of false prophets.

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