Nghipondoka received N$2.1 million from Hatuikulipi as “token of appreciation”

Eba Kandovazu

BUSINESSMAN Vaino Nghipondoka received N$ 2.1 million from Fishrot suspect, James Hatuikulipi, as “a token of appreciation” for the N$6.5 million he had loaned him.

The N$ 2.1 million was used to purchase a farm, Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Investigator, Andreas Kanyangela, told the court this morning. This, according to Kanyangela, is contained in the statement Nghipondoka gave to the ACC. Armas Amukwiyu told the ACC that Hatuikulipi wanted to donate to Swapo in his personal capacity, but needed to make the payment via a law firm. In total, N$15 million was transferred in Sisa Namandje’s trust account. Namandje told the ACC he charged the individuals N$60 000 for services rendered and bank charges, Kanyangela tells the court.

Windhoek Observer newspaper has since learned that Amukwiyu requested Nghipondoka to pay for him a Land Rover at Novel Ford from the N$ 2.1 million he received from Hatuikulipi. He was allegedly told by Hatuikulipi to find a suitable car for him to travel as he has to travel from region to region for the congress preparations and campaign. Nghipondoka reportedly paid N$ 1 million for the car and Amukwiyu told him that he would pay back with the money if Hatuikulipi senD the campaign donation as promised.

It was also revealed in court that former Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister, Bernard Esau, appointed Hatuikulipi in 2013 to serve as Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Fishcor, on instructions of former Justice Minister, Sacky Shanghala, who at the time was the Chairperson of the Law Reform and Development Commission.

Shanghala and Hatuikulipi are said to be close friends. ACC Investigator Andreas Kanyangela says this information was discovered from Shanghala’s phone, in an email addressed to Esau on 28 July, 2013. Shanghala, in the email said Hatuikulipi is the suitable candidate because of his financial and business background.

Kanyangela testifies that Hatuikulipi received his appointment letter on 7 May, 2014. On the appointment of Fishcor’s former Chief Executive Officer, Mike Nghipunya, Kanyangela states that Nghipunya had no managerial experience at the time of his secondment. He also was not interviewed and the position was never advertised.

Kanyangela also informs the court that Samherji at some point paid N$600 000 to Kambandara Trust, which is owned by Hatuikulipi. N$ 150 000 was then distributed to Erongo Clearing. Ricardo Gustavo received N$50 000 of the money while Hatuikulipi received N$380 000. Kanyangela explains that the N$150 000 paid to Erongo Clearing was transferred to Esau, through a Standard Bank cheque, in December 2012.

Kanyangela also testifies in relation to the Namgomar Pesca SA matter saying a total of 7000 metric tons of horse mackerel quota was allocated by Esau to Core Print Investments, which traded under the name of Namgomar Pesca Namibia l, whose sole employee was Ricardo Gustavo as Director. Kanyangela, in revealing emails says Shanghala described the Namgomar joint venture as a rare opportunity, which attracted attention in his presentation in Iceland. Shanghala reportedly said if the opportunity is not utilised productively, it would become a target for other operators.

“In both Namibia and Angola even if government ministers change, we need to ensure that the agreement does not change and ensure that the quotas will be allocated,” Shanghala reportedlly said. The bail application will continue on Monday at 15h15.


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