NHE fails to meet its own housing target

Martin Endjala

According to the National Housing Enterprise (NHE)’s five-year strategic plan, the entity aimed to construct 2,200 houses annually until the housing backlog was resolved.
However, from 2019 to the present, the institution has only succeeded in building 1,090 houses nationwide.
NHE’s mandate is to provide housing to low- and middle-income Namibian households by initiating and financing housing projects.
Mutonga Matali, the Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager of NHE, informed the Windhoek Observer that due to the rising demand for homeownership, it’s imperative for NHE to recalibrate its strategy to address the housing backlog and guarantee access to affordable homes.
“New housing targets, as outlined in our recently devised Integrated Strategic Business Plan, will be communicated to all NHE stakeholders, including the media, in the near future,” Matali elaborated.
In the meantime, the Center for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa reported that the latest estimation of Namibia’s housing backlog, sourced from the NDP4, stood at 300,000 units.
To eliminate this backlog, the government would need to invest N$76 billion (equivalent to US$4.6 billion). The primary obstacle to housing provision remains the scarcity of serviced land.
Urban-Rural and Development Minister Erastus Uutoni, at a handover ceremony of 219 houses in Oshikuku, emphasized the government’s unwavering commitment at all tiers to foster a conducive environment.
This dedication seeks to empower individuals, particularly those in informal settlements without homes, to secure affordable and quality shelter.

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