NHE Supplicates for Striking Employees’ Return

Steve Nashama

Yesterday, the National Housing Enterprises (NHE) announced that it values all its employees, and if conditions were normal, it would have done all in its power to find a middle-ground to meet some of the monetary demands.

The strike officially commenced last week Friday, the 24th of February at all NHE offices countrywide, in which employees are demanding for seven per cent salary increment.

“However, we must bear in mind that, given the current challenging economic climate, a salary increase of 7% is just not financially possible. NHE staff members are still gainfully employed with full benefits despite the trying conditions prevalent in our country. It is important to note that nothing positive can come from this strike as there is no winner,” said Gisbertus Mukulu, NHE Chief Executive Officer.

Mukulu further said should the strike continue in its form, it will worsen the financial position of the company given that the company will not be able to pay for salaries and all related overheads in its current environment.

However, NHE appreciates all non-striking workers for keeping the company afloat and encourages those striking to return to work so that the organization can continue to house the Namibian nation and find practical solutions to some of its challenges.

He informed NHE clients and Stakeholders to take note that offices are still open, and they are ready to serve them all. NHE Housing Projects are fully operational though there are very minimal disruptions.

The organisation reiterates that as Management it remains committed and open to finding solutions for the company’s challenges, adding that at the moment the company is seized with finding funds to ensure its sustainability to be deemed a going concern.

Industrial action at this junction linked to wage increases demands won’t solve NHE challenges, Mukulu said.

He indicated that all developments related to the matter will be communicated.

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