NIDA boss suspended

Tujoromajo Kasuto

Mihe Goamab ll, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Namibia Industrial Development Agency (NIDA), has been suspended pending the completion of an internal process.

According to Board Chairperson Sebby Kankondi, the reasons for his suspension are private and cannot be disclosed.

The Board in the meantime has appointed Phillip Namundjebo as Acting CEO until further notice.

“The Board calls on calm and focus, even during this time. Assurance can be accorded to both Management and Staff, that the Agency will remain procedural and fair in all its engagements with the CEO, regarding this matter and the process will be concluded within a reasonable time,” Kankondi said in a staff brief dated 13th of January 2023.

NIDA’s Senior Corporate Communication Manager Wessel Nanuseb confirmed the suspension of Goamab but however could not disclose any further details pertaining to the matter stating that the issue is being handled at the board level.

“I’m on leave but I have seen the letter issued either this or last week Friday and the CEO is currently on suspension as per the letter, the matter is being handled by the board and I don’t have any authority to speak on their behalf a thus I do not know how long this process will take,” he said.

This comes almost two years after his appointment in 2021, which was marred by suspicions of favouritism, with Cabinet having allegedly rejected NIDA board recommendations in the choice of the new Chief Executive Officer.

His contract was extended three times, the first time in October 2021, apparently because the board was displeased with his performance.

Two further probationary extensions were granted, the most recent of which ended in October of last year.

According to media sources, the board is dissatisfied with Gaomab’s alleged failure to develop an integrated business strategy and assure its preparedness for board approval.

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