No final decision about mobile food kiosks in Swakopmund yet

Niël Terblanché

The Swakopmund Municipality has moved to address recent media reports that have generated confusion regarding the municipality’s stance on mobile food kiosks operating within the town.

According to Linda Mupupa, the municipality’s Public Relations Officer, it is essential to clarify that a final decision has not been reached on this matter, and the council is actively engaged in a comprehensive and all-encompassing public scoping process.

“The primary objective of this public scoping process is to gather the perspectives and opinions of various stakeholders, with particular emphasis on mobile food kiosk business owners and interested members of the community. To facilitate this open dialogue, two meetings were recently conducted at the Council Chambers in the last week of October,” she said.

Mupupa added that these meetings have proven to be invaluable, providing the council with insights into the viewpoints and concerns of those directly involved in mobile food kiosk operations, as well as those who may be affected by them.

“The Swakopmund Municipality extends its gratitude to all participants for their contributions to this ongoing discussion,” she said.

Mupupa stated that it is imperative to stress that any media reports alluding to a definitive decision regarding mobile food kiosks are based on the council’s previous decision documented in the Ordinary Council Meeting’s Agenda for February 2023.

“However, this does not constitute the council’s final verdict, as they are dedicated to conducting a comprehensive and participatory process,” she stressed.

Mupupa said that as part of the draft Informal Trading Regulations, the municipality will establish clear guidelines for the operation of mobile food kiosks. These regulations will cover requirements, permissible locations, and setup procedures.

She said that the public scoping process is designed to ensure that these regulations are well-informed and take into account the perspectives and concerns of all stakeholders involved.

“The municipality pledges to keep the public and media updated as the decision-making process unfolds,” she said.

According to Mupupa, the Swakopmund Municipality eagerly anticipates collaborating with stakeholders in shaping mobile food kiosk regulations that best serve the interests of the town and its residents.

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