No second opinion for Harvey Boulter medical state

Tujoromajo Kasuto

The Police are yet to receive a second medical opinion on the medical condition of murder suspect, Harvey Boulter, two weeks after he was admitted to the Paramount Healthcare Centre, it has emerged.

Boulter is still undergoing treatment for an undisclosed medical condition at Paramount Healthcare Centre, where the murder suspect was directly relocated after being quarantined for Covid-19 at the Safari Court Hotel. According to Khomas Police Commander, Commissioner Ismael Basson, Boulter is hospitalised as per doctor’s instructions. He is not aware if the Police have looked for a second opinion to confirm the legitimacy of Boulters illness thus getting hospitalised. “I don’t know, but on this one there was not a second opinion. He is kept there on request of the doctor,” says Basson.

The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) Head, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga, previously said he was concerned about the continued special treatment being given to Boulter, who has evaded staying in prison since his arrest on murder charges more than three months ago. An irate Ndeitunga suspected there were individuals aiding his continued stay in hospital, amid claims he was “sick”. “I have a problem because he is always admitted. He does not want to go to the cells. I’m even suspecting that some people are favouring him to be a permanent patient in hospital. All suspects should go to the cells,” Ndeitunga said.

Boulter first appeared in the Outjo Magistrate court on 2 March for bail application after he allegedly shot his employee (a manager at his farm), Gerhard van Wyk (54), in February. He is alleged to have attempted to seek sexual favours from van Wyk’s daughter- in-law. Van Wyk reportedly died on his way to the Outjo hospital.

Before Boulter’s appearance at Outjo Magistrate Court for his bail application in May, Boulter spent nearly a month at the plush Auas Hills Retirement Village, where Basson again had said he was receiving treatment for an injury he sustained when he discharged a firearm that led to the death of his employee.

Boulter’s relocation to the Windhoek-based Auas Hills Private Hospital, which is located in a retirement village, was only made known to the presiding magistrate after Boulter failed to show up in person for his initial bail hearing at the Outjo Magistrates’ Court on 23 April. “The court was not aware that the accused Boulter wasn’t in Outjo. The court was only informed on the day that his scheduled second appearance was supposed to occur,” Deputy Chief Magistrate, Ingrid Unengu, said.

Boulter’s formal bail application was rejected on 11 May by Magistrate Immanuel Udjombala in the Outjo Magistrate’s Court. Udjombala had ordered that he be should detained at the Kamanjab police station until his next court appearance on 30 June. However, Boulter was transferred from the hospital in Outjo to Windhoek on 12 May and tested positive for Covid-19, although no proof was provided and moved to Safari Hotel in Windhoek and is currently housed at Paramount Hospital in the capital, all without the court’s approval.

Boulter faces a charge of murder after he allegedly shot and killed the 54-year-old Van Wyk at Kaross on 27 February who was a manager at his farm. Police said Boulter insulted Van Wyk’s daughter-in-law, became aggressive and threatened the family with a pistol. He was arrested on his farm that same evening.

He additionally faces charges of obstructing the course of justice, illegal possession of a firearm and illegal possession of ammunition.

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