NO to slaughter of the innocent – Pro Life Namibia

Tujoromajo Kasuto

PROLIFE Namibia today handed over a petition opposing the legalisation of abortion on demand to Doreen Sioka, Minister of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare and Lydia Kandetu, Secretary to the National Assembly, in which they argue that abortion is “slaughter of the innocent.”

In the petition, Pro-Life Namibia coordinator, Sasha Louw claims that “the pro-abortion camp frequently uses the micro-scopic size of an embryo to try and undermine the very foundation of human life.” Pro-abortionists seek to dehumanize what is human by viewing the embryo as nothing more than a lump of cells in order to make people feel at ease with the slaughter of the innocent.”

She asserts that as part of their march, they feel compelled to present the petition in order to put their thoughts on paper.

“By way of this petition, we would like to share our understanding of the factual bases upon which we would unequivocally vote “NO”, on any day, to abortion on demand in our country.” Pro-life Namibia contends that human life begins at conception, as according to biology, DNA, sex, and other characteristics are already assigned to a fetus. Furthermore, newly conceived babies, like any other human being, are members of the human family, even inside the womb.

The petition goes on to paint a graphic picture of how an abortion affects the fetus, claiming that it is “deprived of oxygen and nutrition, suctioned apart, dismembered, or the victim of a lethal injection to the head, heart, torso, or umbilical cord.” Furthermore, they state that based on available statistics from Canada, America, and Germany, they discovered that the vast majority of abortions are performed in extreme cases of rape or incest, health problems with the mother, or health problems in the child. As a result, the vast majority of reasons for most people aborting their children are temporary, changeable or even selfish. Besides that, the petition stated that abortion is discriminatory because the majority of babies aborted are girls, implying that there is no gender equality for these “little ones.”

Another compelling argument was that women are frequently coerced into aborting or threatened with death if they do not. They are abused until they give in and are traumatized and broken as a result of the forced abortion. Consequently, there is no gender equality for these women who will go against their will to fulfill a partner’s demand, the group says.

Louw argues abortion in general is known to leave women depressed, suicidal, filled with regret and hopelessness for the rest of their lives. “I find these symptoms fitting as abortion goes against our very nature. There is no gender equality for these women who will mainly be left to carry the burden of their choice and experience alone,“ she states.

Lastly Pro Life Namibia notes that the well-being of a society lies in the foundation of the traditional family. “When more children are found growing up in a healthy environment, society thrives. As a result, it is critical that hands and minds keep this cause at the forefront of their efforts rather than seeking “an easier way out” that will destroy the structures of what is good, healthy, and peaceful in the long run.”

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