Non-NUDO members attacking the leadership – Kauandenge

Erasmus Shalihaxwe

Joseph Kauandenge, the Secretary-General of the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo), has stated that none of the party members are at the forefront of attacking democratically elected leaders or interfering in internal affairs under the pretext of “Otjira tjo tjiuana.”

Kauandenge described these agitators as failed politicians, scholars, unsuccessful businesspeople, former ambassadors, armchair critics, and even failed pastors. He expressed disbelief at how such individuals feel they possess the moral authority to criticize Nudo leaders.

“Just as a household has its hierarchy, so does Nudo. Not everyone can simply walk in from the streets and attempt to seize power from elected leaders. Only the Congress has that authority,” he asserted.

He stressed that upon joining the party, Article 11 outlines the Duties, Obligations, and Rights of members. This article urges members to follow established procedures to voice their grievances through appropriate party channels, rather than airing frustrations publicly.

Furthermore, Kauandenge noted the misuse of the term “Otjira tjo tjiuana” by certain individuals, particularly on social media, with the intent to tarnish Nudo’s reputation and sow discord ahead of upcoming elections.

“To these individuals, we say: cease your actions. We will respond assertively to such provocations,” he warned.

The Parliamentarian also highlighted that many of these detractors belong to other parties but seem to have made Nudo their primary focus.

“We encourage loyal Nudo members to address their concerns through the appropriate party structures. We must all safeguard Nudo for future generations,” Kauandenge urged.

The musician-turned-politician observed that many critics were proven wrong recently when large crowds attended branch restructuring meetings nationwide. This occurred despite claims that many members had left Nudo due to external propaganda.

“While our members might have concerns regarding internal party matters, as is the case with all political entities, they remain loyal to Nudo and have no intentions of joining other parties or abandoning their allegiance,” he concluded.

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