NSA urges everyone to ensure they are counted in the final round

Stefanus Nashama

With regard to the completion of Census 2023, the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) has issued an appeal to the Namibian populace to account for individuals who were not counted on the reference night of September 24, 2023.

Statistician-General Alex Shimuafeni announced yesterday that the official enumeration of individuals will conclude on Sunday, November 5, 2023, and emphasized the importance of ensuring that everyone is counted.

“I would like to extend a call to all those who were in Namibia on the night of September 24, 2023, which served as the Census Reference Night but have not been enumerated, to contact our offices across the country for appointments to be counted,” he pleaded.

Shimuafeni reported that the data reviewed so far indicates that the country’s coverage falls within internationally acceptable margins.

He stressed that the data collected during this census is not just a collection of numbers; rather, it plays an integral role in representing the collective voice of the nation.

“The collected information will guide the allocation of resources, inform government policies, and address the diverse needs of our communities, ensuring that no one is left behind,” he explained.

Shimuafeni also emphasized the NSA’s commitment to maintaining the accuracy, integrity, and utmost confidentiality of the data, in line with the Agency’s responsibilities.

He called for continued support from the Namibian people and cooperation with any remaining outreach efforts and follow-up activities, recognizing the crucial role of their continued participation in advancing the nation.

Additionally, Shimuafeni mentioned that the Agency is rigorously processing and analyzing the census data to ensure its completeness and accuracy by next month.

Regarding the delay in salary payments for census field workers, he appealed for patience, citing ongoing verifications related to the matter.

This includes the verification of each tablet used by each of the 13,000 enumerators, addressing absenteeism, preventing duplicate payments, and handling disciplinary matters.

Shimuafeni had announced payments would have been completed by the end of September, but the Agency did not meet this promise.

He, however, disclosed this week that the Agency has initiated the first batch of payment processes, assuring that all payments will be completed by next week.

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