NSX’s bond trading system goes live

Chamwe Kaira

The Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX) celebrated a momentous and long-awaited project with the go-live of the bond trading system on 13 October.

The CEO of the NSX, Tiaan Bazuin, stated that the NSX is very pleased with the addition of our own bond trading system, to enhance the capabilities of the exchange to facilitate safe and regulated trading in the bond space in Namibia.

This is also an expansion of its market participants as some of the banks in Namibia are now also capable of on-market trading together with some of the Stockbroking community.

“Increasing on-market trading of bonds has been a goal of SADC Finance protocols and we hope to see wide adoption of on-market bond trading. The use of the system should lead to more liquidity and grow the market in the long term. The NSX is committed to deepening and diversifying the Namibian capital market and is preparing for a bright economic future,” he said.

Michelle De Beer, Managing Director of STT, who also spoke at the same occasion, said the global financial market software solutions service provider, delivered the bond trading system platform.

“STT is delighted to have partnered with the NSX, all teams have put in an enormous effort to take the market live today. Congratulations to NSX on achieving this successful milestone,” she said.

The NSX was recently awarded as the 2023 winner for Best Stock Exchange Management (Africa). The NSX was recognised for, amongst others, positioning itself as a stable and efficient alternative market for addressing regional issuer needs through its established strategic partnership with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

It offers diversified products that benefit the investing public and educates listed companies on applicable governance requirements through the development of the Corporate Governance Code for Namibia (NamCode) and aims to shape the next generation of investors through mock trading challenges for students.

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