Nudo divided by politics and tradition

Tujoromajo Kasuto

National Unity Democratic Organisation of Namibia (Nudo) Vice President and Aminuis constituency councillor Peter Kazongominja has appealed for party unity, claiming that infighting, gossiping, and divisions between some leaders and Nudo President Ester Muinjangue must end.

Kazongominja called on some party members to differentiate between party politics and the tradition of the Ovaherero people, saying over an extended period people have shown animosity to Muinjangue due to certain people wanting the party to be led by a Paramount chief of the Ovaherero people.

‘’This is a struggle over tradition, not politics. The chiefs have approached me and informed me what they have done, what their plans are, and what they want me to contribute, and those who want to know what was discussed must confront me. Why do we act as if we are unaware of some things? We all know a lot about one another, so let us quit attacking each other and meet behind closed doors,’’ he said.

These remarks come in the wake of rumours that some members are still unhappy over Muinjangue’s appointed in government as deputy minister of health by President Hage Geingob as it allegedly curried favours with Swapo.

To the critics, Kazongominja states ‘’when we are discussing matters within the party, we are not going to take sides as we will stand up and lead for the two days that we will lead, and return to our position. Beware that the crowd and support that one has garnered others to have, thus once deciding you are getting up and doing ABC, note that so can someone else.’’

He reminded that in the last election, some party members did not vote for the party president as a presidential candidate but allegedly voted for an independent candidate and for Henk Mudge.

He encouraged cohesion and trust building among members and with the president, as she was intentionally nominated after a lengthy negotiation after she refused to take the ministerial post and so she did not beg for the role and should be regarded as such.

‘’Let us build our party as NUDO because the practice of breaking each other down through humiliation and cursing has to stop. The woman we have been humiliating had refused to take up the position of party president, and when she was asked to take the role in Aminuis, I was there and I can name the people who approached her, she is also a person and was asked, and various meetings have taken place that everyone is aware of,’’ he expressed.

He stated that some individuals are leaving the party because they want whoever is chosen as the paramount chief to be the party president, and he stated that there is a difference between politics and tradition.

He goes on to say that no one has objected to the chief serving as party president.

According to him, the OTA is currently divided into various groups over the Chieftaincy of the Ovaherero people, which needs to be resolved so that the Ovaherero people are not unduly divided traditionally and politically.

He adds that the issue in the party stems from the rejection of Muinjangue and certain

Leaders desire for the Chief to lead instead.

Meanwhile, the counsellor has condemned alcohol drinking at the party headquarters on Clemens Kapuuo Street in Katutura.

He stated that the matter had been brought to the attention of the leadership, among others, and is tainting the collective image of party members.

‘’The people who do it need to be spoken to, so they can stop the behaviour, we are not going to hide it, let’s call each other out so we can iron out matters and problems at hand,’’ he stated.

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