NUNW condemns assault on employees by Rundu boss

Steve Nashama

The National Union of Namibian Workers Secretary General Job Muniaro has condemned the assault of employees at a service station in Rundu, by their boss, reportedly in exchange for loans.
Although the employees in the now viral video say the assaults are done in a humorous fashion and a joke among the workers and their boss, Muniaro says it is tantamount to corporal punishment, which he says in unlawful in Namibia.
The employees are reportedly assaulted with sticks on their bottoms. Meanwhile, another video in circulation depicts the employer, Micke du Preez on the receiving end, as he too gets assaulted on his bottoms with a stick by his employees.
Muniaro confirmed to have seen and watched the videos.
Videos seen by the Windhoek Observer show elderly male employees being whipped with a stick by du Preez. One whip is said to be N$100.
In a telephonic interview with today, Muniaro said he is frustration that after 32 years of independence, employees are beaten up to get a loan.
“That is corporal punishment. What type of punishment is that? That is complete physical torture. All employees tortured in the video are older than him (du Preez). Is it because he has money?” Muniaro remarkedz.
He has since challenged government to intervene and confront du Preez, in demonstrating that the country is independent.
Windhoek Observer has since learned that the du Preez was approached this morning by Town Council officials who questioned his behavior.
“How do you beat up elderly persons, what if a person has a sickness? I am utterly disappointed. That type of behavior should not be allowed in this country,” he added, demanding for the closure of the service station.
Muniaro also emphasized that the issues of no-work no-pay and 51+ in order for the union to be recognized must fall since it is not fair.
“You remove those two issues and there will be no strikes,” he added. Companies betrayed workers for not paying them during strikes.
He called on Namibians to stand up and close that service station.

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