Nurturing Young Talent with Bokomo’s Support

Windhoek, Namibia: Namibian grassroots football, The Champion Maize League, aptly titled “Be Your Best,” has been gaining momentum, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Bokomo. This brainchild of the DTS Football Academy is all about fostering talent at the foundational level, ensuring that every child, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to kick a football.

The league’s main objective is to promote inclusivity, in the world of sports, every child deserves a chance to shine.

DTS Football Academy’s primary mission is to create a safe and nurturing space for Namibian children. They aim to provide an environment where kids can freely express themselves, develop social skills, and, importantly, do so without the fear of stigma or victimization. Football is the vehicle for this development journey.

The involvement of schools and clubs goes beyond the playing field. DTS Football Academy is the proud home of The Champion Maize League, with the Windhoek International School serving as a co-host for this remarkable endeavor.

The league features a total of seven age categories, catering to young athletes from U7 to U15. In each category, there are at least 12 teams, meaning more than 1100 athletes are currently participating in the league.

Schools and academies involved in this groundbreaking initiative include DTS, ACFA, SKW, Ramblers, DSFA, WFC, Gymnasium, Delta, St. Paul’s, St. Georges, Naankuse, Windhoek International School, and Amazing Kids – a grand total of 13 enthusiastic contributors.

The league’s coordinator issues a challenge to the corporate world, inviting them to join this meaningful initiative and give the Namibian child something to smile about. It’s safe to say that grassroots football in Namibia is in capable and caring hands.

As The Champion Maize League continues to flourish, it represents a shining example of how sports can transform the lives of young individuals and create a brighter future for Namibia.

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