NUST VC case heads to court

Helena Johannes

Legal lawyer Sisa Namandje has revealed that a case to challenge the appointment of the newly appointed Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) Vice-Chancellor will be filed in the High Court in the next two days.

“I cannot give more details about my client to the media, but the case will be filed tomorrow or Friday morning,” said Namandje.

This comes after the NUST Council through its lawyers had responded justifying the appointment.

NUST lawyer Patrick Kauta according local media indicated that a joint search committee of council and senate on 12 November had recommended, voted in favour and approved the appointment of Erold Naomab.

Namandje recently told Windhoek Observer that an urgent application to High Court was being prepared over NUST council’s decision to select Dr Erold Naomab over Professor Frednard Gideon for the post of Vice-Chancellor even though Gideon had outperformed him in the interview process.

Naomab was appointed on 12 November 2020 as the best candidate for the position despite performing lower than University of Namibia Pro Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Professor Frednard Gideon, who was recommended by the committee that oversaw the interview processes.

“More details will be shared when available the media should just wait,” Namandje said.

When contacted for comment, Higher Education Minister, Dr Itah Kandjii-Murangi was tight-lipped on the matter.

“It is something that I cannot discuss. I am sorry,” she said before unexpectedly hanging up the call.

Murangi had previously written to the NUST council before the official appointment, criticising the appointment process vowing that the choice to vote and ignore the outcome of the pre-determined assessment processes was totally out of line.

She however made a U-turn later saying she will not take any further steps to overturn the appointment of Naomab despite expressing concern about the process followed to appoint him.

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