NYS condemns malicious audio clip

Martin Endjala

The National Youth Service (NYS) corporate affairs and marketing manager, Belinda Hamburee said an audio clip circulating on social media is malicious and devoid of any truth, adding that it intended to tarnish the reputation of the NYS.

She shared these sentiments via a media statement. The audio alleged incidents of sexual harassment, abuse of power and ill-treatment of trainees by some instructors at the service center among other allege abuse claims.

Hamburee stated that the purported audio clip is not new, and that there have been several such clips circulation in 2019, 2020, 2021 and now in 2022.

She pointed out that there is a trend observed in these clips and according to them all are targeted at the NYS to discourage the youth from enrolling with the service.

“Given the just transpired events, the service is inclined to believe that the audio is intended to tarnish the reputation of the NYS and to discredit the efforts undertaken by the institution to engage the Namibian youth as mandated by its act NYS 6 of 2005,’’ Hamburee stated.

The NYS also emphasized that they undertook the necessary measures to address the allegations as they tarnish the image of the institution, present and future trainees who would want to pursue training at the NYS center, adding that when the audio first surfaced, initial inquiry was conducted.

However, no evidence was found corroborating the allegations. Also, no victims were found or anyone voluntary came forth and the author of the audio could not be traced.

The NYS has assured the public that an independent investigation has been instituted to further probe the nature of allegations to take an appropriate cause of action.

The findings of the report, it said, will be disseminated to the relevant authorities when it becomes available.

Hamuburee said that despite allegations, the NYS remains committed and continues to inculcate patriotism, voluntarism, civic responsibility and loyalty into productive citizens.

The NYS is an institution that is mandated to provide training skills, personal development programs and activities to the youth, by according them with opportunities such as employment and participation in national development through voluntary services.

“NYS will at all times protect and ensure the wellbeing of recruits and trainees on its programs”, Hamburee emphasized.

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