Ohangwena flood victims receive water treatment and mosquito nets

Martin Endjala

The Ohangwena Regional Council Public Relations Officer Silas Nepembe said that areas affected by the flood have been given water purification items and mosquito nets as the water is suspected to be contagious.

This follows an urgent extra-ordinary meeting yesterday in Eehanana by the Regional Disaster Risk Management committee with all its stakeholders.

The ministry of Health and Social services informed the council that the flowing water might be contagious and advised the council to give mosquito nets and water purification items as a means of ensuring that lives are protected.

Nepembe also informed this publication that the Namibian Defense Force has availed its speed boats to carry to and for learners going to school or for emergency rescue.

Given that the region has no government warehouse, the Namibia Industtial Development Agency (NIDA) came on board by providing them with a warehouse to store all the needed aid materials, such as food packages and equipment’s, given the distance of the warehouse they often use in Oshana.

The Oshikango warehouse Nepembe said couldn’t have come at a timely time, as it is closer compared to Oshana.

Furthermore, the meeting also passed a resolution of preparedness to avoid being caught of guard, this includes a daily monitoring of water levels by the hydrologist unit in the ministry of Agriculture water land and reform.

Other preparedness involves constant monitoring by the NDF helicopter on arears flooded should people require being reallocated to higher grounds.

Meanwhile, the PR further went on to set the record straight that amongst the affacted six schools in the region, only two have been closed and not as reported.

Nepembe stated that the Onghala combined school and Oshingunguma combined school are the only schools closed.

This was to prevent learners from attempting crossing, which could have negative implications.

During the meeting, the education authorities were advised to find amicable solutions as to how they will ensure that the closed schools, learners do not only stay home but also study.

He however, did not give the exact time as to when the schools will be reopened as the water flow continues to rise. But they are monitoring the situation closely.

The flood water he said is not yet that too deep, but warned people not to undermine the strength of flow of water.

“This water is flowing at a very fast pace and it sweeping everything in its way, I therefore caution residents not to play with their precious lives by taking chancing of crossing”, cautioned Nepembe.

Adding that they should rather do so in the supervision of the authorities or use alternative routes.

So far there has been no roads damaged or casualties reported as from yesterday Nepembe confirmed.

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