Oil discovery won’t benefit kids in southern Namibia if education does not improve – /Goagoses

Erasmus Shalihaxwe

The Deputy Minister of High Education, Technology and Innovation Nathalia /Goagoses, said if the education system does not improve in //Karas and Hardap regions, the recent oil discoveries in Namibia will not benefit inhabitants of the two regions, especially kids.

/Goagoses made these remarks yesterday during the official opening of the Regional Stakeholders Conference held in the Hardap Region.

She said that for somebody to work on Oil and Green Hydrogen projects, that person needs a mix of subjects like chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering. Especially chemical, mechanical, and environmental as well as geology and possible economics for understanding market dynamics.

For Hardap Region to reposition its children to benefit from these recent discoveries in the South, the schools in the Region should focus on and strengthen the teaching and learning of STEM, because there is no other option.

“To be frank, the recent discoveries and economic developments the in South, for example Oil and Green Hydrogen in ||Kharas and Erongo Regions will not benefit Hardap Region, if nothing intentional and tangible is done to transform the education system in the Region,” she urged.

Deputy Minister stated that as a subject that is a catalyst for change and one of the critical elements if the two regions want to achieve excellence in schools. Then the impact of good leadership in education should extend far beyond the classroom, influencing societal progress by equipping future generations with the skills and values needed to thrive in a complex world.

“Surely, we need principals and Head of Departments who can stand-up to rectify what is going in schools today,” she added.

/Goagoses also stressed that there are several schools without principals, totalling 11 schools and 28 unfilled vacancies of Heads of Departments in the Hardap region.

“I am imploring the Regional Director and your team to work tirelessly to ensure these posts are filled without delay. Then, start demanding accountability and put these new and old principals to task.

The future of this country is brighter and beautiful but depends on the quality of the education, which ultimately depends on the quality of teachers.

I am strongly convinced that a teacher who can integrate and promote STEM in teaching and learning represents an epitome of quality and will produce quality results,” she said.

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