Okahandja Mayor fails to attend meeting with disgruntled residents

Niël Terblanché

Residents from some of the poorest neighbourhoods of Okahandja are expressing deep frustration and disappointment over the persistent issues of poor service delivery in their town.

Their grievances, which encompass intermittent water supply, inadequate land delivery, lack of proper sanitation, and unaddressed health hazards, remain unresolved despite repeated appeals to local authorities.

During a recent community meeting, the residents’ concerns were compounded by the absence of Okahandja Mayor Beatrice Kotungondo.

Although the mayor had indicated in a letter to community leaders that she intends to reschedule the meeting and address these issues, the residents have yet to find consolation or solutions.

The community’s plight is further exacerbated by the accumulation of sewage water, posing significant health risks, and the piling up of garbage due to the alleged hiring of contractors from outside the town, sidelining residents from potential employment opportunities.

A notable aspect of the residents’ struggle includes the plight of those living in the RCC Camp area, where residents have been awaiting land ownership and basic services for almost three decades.

The ongoing lack of electricity, water, and secure housing, coupled with the threat of relocation near the town’s landfill site, are all indications of the severity of their situation.

This situation in Okahandja stresses the pressing need for effective governance and rapid response to the basic needs of residents, particularly in informal settlements.

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