Old Mutual Foundation launches Chair and Desk initiative

Staff Reporter

The Old Mutual Foundation (OMF) has launched the N$500 000 Chair and Desk (C&D) Initiative for Namibian Government Schools and has called on local entrepreneurs to aid in the project

The project was developed to meet the critical need for useable chairs and tables in Namibia’s 14 regions’ public schools.

Since 2012, the Old Mutual Foundation has been a prominent sponsor in the education sector, and this new program builds on previous efforts.

The C&D Initiative intends to offer new chairs and desks to schools in desperate need, as well as repair any fixable damaged chairs and desks.

To ensure the success of this initiative, the Old Mutual Foundation is encouraging local entrepreneurs, enterprises, vocational training centers, and correctional services to participate on the provision and repair of furniture by filling out the online form.

Similarly, the Old Mutual Foundation has called upon all government schools in the 14 regions to join the project by filling out an online form that asks them to explain why their school merits their support, as well as other pertinent information such as the number of fixable chairs and desks they have.

Speaking during the programme launch at the Dr. Abraham Iyambo Primary School in Havana Windhoek, acting school principal Alexia Ileka expressed her gratitude towards the Old Mutual Foundation’s initiative.

“Most of our schools across the country are in desperate need of chairs and desks. I am grateful to the Old Mutual Foundation for coming up with this brilliant initiative, which will not only repair any damaged furniture in our classrooms, but will also provide new furniture that will improve learners’ ability to perform. We value having educational partners,” Ileka remarked.

Meanwhile, Old Mutual Namibia Group Marketing, Public Affairs, and Sustainability Executive, Mignon du Preez urged other corporations and individuals to join forces with the Old Mutual Foundation to maximise the impact of the chair and desk drive.
“Contact the Old Mutual Foundation team via email to give or pledge support,” du Preez said.

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