Omagongo belongs to all of us says Mbumba

President Nangolo Mbumba says the Omagongo festival belongs to all Namibians.
He urged Namibians to continue to promote and celebrate cultural festivals as a means of fostering a spirit of unity by pulling in one direction as a nation.
Mbumba was speaking at the occasion of the 2024 Omagongo festival at the Onambango Palace, in the Uukwiyuwushona Constituency, Oshana Region on Saturday.
“It is an event that can be attended and celebrated by all, whether you are from Oshana, Erongo, Zambezi, Hardap, Omaheke, and Limpopo in South Africa or Ghanzi in Botswana.
It is a unifying event where we celebrate in style by eating traditional food and drinking traditional brews, especially the famous marula/ Omagongo, in moderation. At the same time, we communicate and celebrate in peace with each other,” said Mbumba.
Mbumba reiterated that by celebrating cultural festivals, all Namibians can gradually through greater understanding eliminate potential barriers, conflicts, and stereotypes that exist in the society due to ignorance, and embrace each other’s cultural diversity, traditions and values, in unifying nation-building blocks.
Report by : Martin Endjala.

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