Omusati flood water still manageable says Governor

Martin Endjala

The Governor of Omusati region, Erginus Endjala says that the current water flow in the region is not yet at an extreme flood level and is manageable.

According to Endjala, water pans in the region are however at full capacity due to rainfall received, causing water to flood a few areas the region.

Endjala added that those affected by the flood are residents who set up structures at flood prone areas like oshanas.

The governor however, cautioned the public to not panic as continuous monitoring of water levels is carried out on a daily basis, with the help of the Namibia Defense Force helicopter and other stakeholders on the ground.

He further added that given the continuous flow of flood water from south of Angola, a contingency plan is said to be in motion to effectively act, should the situation change.

The Oukwandongo, Omafa, Okanimekwa, Okafitukakuni and Akati villages are the most affected and classes of lower grades are said to have been suspended temporarily in order to safeguard against school going children attempting to cross the flooded areas.

The governor also indicated that, while schools are temporarily closed, they will continue to monitor water levels, further reiterating that despite all this , the region is not yet hard hit by flood like Ohangwena region.

“The situation looks much better compared to Ohangwena region but we cannot put our guard down given the continuous flow of water which is predicted to increase and with the February month, which is the pick of rainfall in the north, we could see a rise in water levels. Although the situation is not much of a concern, one cannot predict rainfall, and for this reason, the region’s disaster risk management unit has been put on high alert,”Endjala added.

Yesterday, Endjala flew across the region on a helicopter, to asses the situation, with an NDF Helicopter, stretching areal views to the borders of south Angola.

It is reported that flood water from Angola making its way to one of the streams ( Xangongo) directly to the Omusati region.

However, the governor emphasised that this will take some time but for readiness, the region met on the 24th January 2022 with the disaster risk management and a contingency plan has been put in place.

“Lessons have been learned from Ohangwena region and our current situation is not that concerning at the moment, but it will depend on the magnitude of the rainfall we are going to receive amidst the flood”,Endjala stressed.

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