Omuthiya Hosts NYSDP Workshop Empowering Grassroots Coaches

Omuthiya recently buzzed with activity as the National Youth Sports Development Programme (NYSDP) Workshop for Coaches unfolded over the past week.

Spearheaded by the NYSDP Founder and Executive Director, Mr. Isa Sadi, the initiative aimed to bolster the capabilities of grassroots coaches from the Oshikoto region. The three-day course, held at the Omuthiya Centre, drew in current academy coaches as well as former mentors eager to enhance their skills.

Reflecting on the experience, one participant remarked, “I learnt a lot about our roles and responsibilities as coaches and sports administrators. This course was an eye-opener and should be held in every town to assist in growing sports in the country.”

Mr. Saidi, the course instructor, emphasized the importance of equipping sports administrators with essential knowledge to effectively manage sports organizations. He stated, “Our responsibility as an organization is to ensure that sports administrators are equipped with the necessary know-how to run sports organizations effectively. That’s why, with our partners, we continue to run this short course so that when the time comes, these individuals will have a foundation of what it takes to run and organize sports events.”

The workshop is part of a series of courses initiated and conducted under the NYSDP banner to build capacity. Topics covered included volunteering, administration, finance, marketing, sport tourism, events management, and sports structures. By focusing on these diverse areas, the program aims to empower coaches and administrators with comprehensive skills to navigate the multifaceted landscape of sports management.

As Omuthiya played host to this empowering workshop, it not only served as a hub of learning but also underscored the town’s growing significance in fostering grassroots sports development. With initiatives like the NYSDP Workshop for Coaches, communities across the region can witness a surge in sporting excellence and organizational proficiency.

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